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Over the years, I've had hundreds of e-mails about The Duff Brewery. Some are nice, some are nasty and some are just downright funny. Here's the best of 'em:

Nice Comments:

Hey, I'm John. I'm 14 and from Canada. I'm a really big Simpsons fan, a big fan of the site, and I visit it about six times on a daily basis. I'm in the trivia dealy and stuff, ranked 2nd (heh). I think ur site is really great, and I don't think there's anything to improve, it's perfect I tells ya! I mean... what DOESN'T the site have? It's got everyone's favourite quotes, trivia, pictures, hell... you've even got a dictionary. If anyone tries to tell you how to improve the site... you should tell them to go see a therapist.
John G

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your site. Wonderful content, created and presented in absolutely the right spirit. Especially loved the "quotes" pages.

Hi, your site is really great!

I love the site.

Very original site. It has a Simpsons dictionary and a lot of great writings.
Springfield Weekly


Very nice layout lots of pictures nice job

Not bad at all. Much better than before

Looks good, an improvement over the other, I like the stats thing at the bottom, it's nifty.
Brian S.

Gotta love the dictionary

As for the design, MUCH better than the last.


Great site! I love the pictures section

Nice and original, although it could use a few other colours! Good job, though

You got a great site there. Thanks sharing your passion with us

I love your site! More pictures should be added, though.
Dave Hettel,

Love the site...probably one of the best ones I've found. Especially like the way you 'decorated' it for Halloween!

Dear Rob, What you doing working at Argos? You're a genius. Your "Is Smithers Gay?" section has ruined my life; every child I know constantly calls me with more evidence, nagging me to post it on your site. I could field an Olympic under-12 "Smithers is Gay" team, and BEAT THE WORLD. A propos, my gay mates, who have "gaydar", all say, "Of course he is." Seems children have "gaydar", too. Anyhow, just wanted to say "thanks for the site". Bye Davide
Davide Antilli,

You did a very nice job on your site. It is professional and easy to navigate
Matt Wakamatsu,

Great site, keep up the good work. And I love The Halloween Brewery

Good site. Good Design. Well Done.
Peter McGinley,

Great site and tight trivia. I'm ranked 4th. The site couldn't get any better except for the colour it should be more than yellow but always remember to keep ur underwear from getting tangled in cow catchers. p.s. Comic Book Guy lol
Ryan Laforest,

Love the site!

Gotta say I love the sight, great work on a tribute to the greatest TV show ever.
Seth Schroeder,

Your web site is the best!!!!!!!!

Really good site despite lack of flubber GLAVEN!
Luke Crosby (a.k.a Max Power),

Your site is the best tribute to the Simpsons ever. Keep it up

You're doing amazing work here

The Duff Brewery is amazing and I hope it never ends. The best Simpsons site ever

Thanks to Rob for all his hard work, on behalf of Simpsons fans everywhere. He's a totally cromulent man, who embiggens all of us.
Claire Bellot,

Your trivia contest is the best on the net, I have found nothing better
Justin Kennedy,

It's one of the best quiz sites on the Simpsons I've come across on the internet. Pure excellent
Martin Vaughan,

I think this is the coolest Simpsons trivia website. I can finally be tested on my vast wealth of useless Simpsons knowledge! Thanks!

Cool web site!
Matt Malin

Your Simpson quiz rocks, I look forward to the next one!!!!
Peter Mobbs,

Great dictionary! I didn't know what I didn't know until I read it. You even mention one of my favourite 3rd string players, Gill. I don't see mention of him on other sites. Good job
Risky Waters

I think your site is great!
Nick Roberts,

Much much better in fact its not that bad at all
Jon Hillier

Great site, great design, good job!
Jolly Bengali

Not bad...loads nice and quick
Adam Z

I must say that your dictionary rocks
Brian S

Pretty Good

Good solid design, doesn't kill the eyes either. Content is great,

It's a really great design, much better than the last

Design is quite nice, I like it...good stuff

Good stuff, nice and clean. No ugly crap in the way
Mike M

A Simp-tastic website...keep up the good work bro!!

Ur site is wikid! I luved everything about it! The DNA test and Yo' Chalkboard were my faves! Keep up the gud work!!!

I think The Duff Brewery is ace!
Sophie Bridges

Yo Yo Yo, ure site is like totally wack, I mean it is so damn sweet! Duff Brewery is here to stay!

EXCELLENT SITE! I can not give you enough accolade for it.

The site's great

Your Trivia section kicks ass!
H2 Whoa,

Great site, Greatly appreciated by the shows #1 fan.

GREAT SITE! Nice content, overall design. D'OH A Simpsons Site gives you a 4.25/5

Hey, I'm from Spain and I found your site in a forum. It is real good, I laughed a lot.

This site ROCKS!
Simpsonfan 101,

I gotta say. I love this site. Cheers for sharing it with the world

Fantastic site, I learned a lot. Thanks.
Jeremy Keith,

I think your Simpsons Site is AWESOME!

I think this site is really good
100% Bart

Your site is awesome!
Shelby McNulty

Wicked site the best by far!

I am a 17 year old female, and being a huge fan of the Simpson's, I recently entered your site. I was amazed. It is incredible! The dictionary had every character; even ones that me, a lifetime watcher, couldn't recall...Keep up the great work on the website. Thank you.
Chalene Sutherland

Funny Comments:

I think that Moe should be wearing none other than the welsh flag :D

Hi! I really like your site the quotes are great. I was surprised because I didn't know that you got it over in Brition. I'm an American. (duh right) Well any way thanks for making a great site. Thanks Bonnie Phillips
Bonnie Phillips,

Wierd Comments:

We are some crazy guys from Germany, we also play streethockey and are famous fans of the Simpsons. This year we decides an gag in our home stadion an want to present the goalgetors from duff beer. so our question, were we can buy or get a duff outfitt that looks like a cheerleader, and we also need several sixpacks of duff beer. i hope you can help us and answer my questions thanks for your work. ps sorry for bad english nice wishes from Augsburg Germany.
Manfred Gutwirth

Or how about this guy who thought that I actually owned a brewery!

i'm seeking abest job in brewery.i'm veteran asst brewer of brewery.i'm having some qualification post graudate and brewing would u give one option.plsend a favor reply.
P Thamizharasan

Getting a Simpsons tattoo is awfully sad...

Dear Webmaster
My name is Stuart Simpson, no joke, Im currently enlisted in the U.S Navy, and was thinking of getting a tatoo. And i was wondering if you could help me, one brit to another (i was born in harrogate) if you could possibly find a picture of homer or barney in a sailors uniform. any help would be appreciated.

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