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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions about the Simpsons, here are the most common:

Do you have any pictures of...?
This is quite easily the question that I am asked most often. All that I have on The Simpsons is on this website.

How old are you? / Where do you live?
The answers to these sorts of questions can be found on my personal website. Click here to visit.

What's that quote at the top of the page?
And you call yourself a Simpsons fan?

Can I be a buddy site?
Click here.

My site isn't Simpsons-related, can it still be a buddy site?
It really depends from site to site. Drop me a line and I'll see.

Every time I visit your website, the counter remains the same, why is this?
I don't actually have a counter on my website. A+ Hosting keep all my stats for me, I simply update visitor numbers every month or so.

Are they unique visitors?
The Visits number in the stats section is total file views for
The Unique number in the stats section is unique visitors to

What did you use to make the website?
Two blind monkeys tied to a typewriter.

What did you really use to make the website?
Paint Shop Pro to make the images, and TextPad to write the HTML/PHP.

Will you make me a website?
Make your own damn site you lazy...Seriously, if you want a hand, drop me a line and I'll think about it.

Do you know where I can get item x from?
Probably not. Try asking at The Springfield Message Board, or going to eBay.

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