The Duff Brewery - Simpsons website
  Name Score
1 Jeff Alb... 100
2 Mysterio... 100
3 David Jo... 96
4 Dingus 94
5 Jackther... 94
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Simpsons IQ Test

The Duff Brewery's IQ Test is comprised of 2 sections. Section 1 is the Visual Memory Test. A new window will open that contains 10 pictures of the inhabitants of Springfield. You have one minute to download and view these pictures. After one minute, your web browser will re-direct you to the answer form, where you will have to answer 10 multiple choice questions, based on the afore-mentioned pictures. These questions carry 9 points per correct answer.

Section 2 of the IQ Test contains 10 multiple choice questions designed to test your thinking and arithmetic skills. Each question in this section carries 15 points.

A new window will open that contains The Duff Brewery's IQ Test