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Too Much Simpsons

You know that you watch too much Simpsons when...

1. You call your wife/mother/daughter/sister Marge
2. You work at a nuclear power plant
3. You see a hitch-hiker and say "Can't they get a pole for that sign"
4. You get into a fight as to why the Simpsons is better than South Park
5. You worship Matt Groening as your God
6. You own a Simpsons website
7. You have every Simpsons episode on tape
8. Your mobile phone rings to the sound of Danny Elfman's theme
9. You use "Woo-Hoo" as a term of delight
10. You use "D'oh" as an expression of anger
11. You have a cat called Snowball
12. You have a dog called Santa's Little Helper
13. You shaved your head of all but 2 hairs to look like Homer
14. You make your wife/girlfriend dye her hair blue to look like Marge
15. You can name the title of any Simpsons episode from the first 3 seconds alone
16. You'd rather watch the Simpsons than have sex
17. People refer to you as "the Simpsons kid"
18. You've been to the doctor because you believe you have the Simpsons gene
19. You placed a 1,000 bet that Homer shot Mr Burns
20. You refer to gay people as "a Smithers"
21. You are reading this
22. Your favourite alcoholic beverage is Duff Beer
23. You prefer Buzz Cola to Pepsi or Coca-Cola
24. You live in Springfield
25. Your internet alias is "El Barto"
26. You cried when Maude Flanders died
27. You bought the "Do The Bartman" CD - and still listen to it!
28. You've cut-off one of your fingers to be like your idols
29. You have a tattoo of a snake on your right arm
30. You've bowled a perfect game
31. Your daughter's bowled a 295
32. Your wife has webbed feet
33. You are a member of The Springfield Message Board
34. You've got 100% on The Duff Brewery IQ Test
35. You've had a website shut down by Fox
36. You read Play Dude magazine
37. Your local newsman is Kent Brockman
38. You think Krusty The Klown is funny
39. You prefer Krustyburger to McDonalds
40. You've ever been dumped because of "that damn cartoon"
41. The only foreign words you know are "El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer"
42. You use the expression "Mmm..."
43. You've spent over 500 on Simpsons merchandise
44. You've quit your job because it required you to work when the Simpsons was on TV
45. You've quit your job to become an inventor
46. You've ran for Sanitation Commissioner
47. You have Simpsons posters in your room
48. You've changed your name to Homer Simpson
49. You encourage your daughter to play the saxophone
50. You subscribe to the Simpsons comics

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